Our Research Thema


1. 鋼構造部材の座屈性状に関する研究

  Buckling Behavior of Steel Structures

2. 鋼構造部材の塑性変形性状に関する研究

  Plastic Deformation of Steel Structures

3. 鋼構造物の接合部性状に関する研究

  Connections of Steel Structures

建築構造とは 【What is a structure?】

When you hear the word "architecture," many people think of design fields that entirely use innovative designs. Still, these are just one of the fields of architecture called design. There are many other fields of architecture.
The field we specialize in is the field of architectural structure. The purpose is to design a building to withstand various forces such as earthquakes, wind, snow, and its weight (the building itself), enabling a safer building.

座屈現象とは 【What is the buckling phenomenon?】

身近な例として、まずプラスチックの下敷きを思い浮かべてください。 プラスチックの下敷きは引っ張ってみてもなかなか壊すことは出来ませんが、両側から押した場合には簡単に壊すことが出来るのが分かるはずです。
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In the field of building structures, we are mainly researching the "buckling" of steel structures.
I think "buckling" is a word that you are not used to hearing. What is "buckling"?
As a familiar example, first, think of a plastic underlay. You can see that the plastic underlay is hard to break by pulling it, but you can easily break it by pushing it from both sides.
In this way, slender or thin objects can withstand the strength of the material when pulled. However, when pressed (compressed), it breaks with much less force than the force of the material. This phenomenon is called "buckling." The strength determined by buckling is independent of the strength of the material. The thinner the board and the longer the bar, the easier it is to buckle.
It wasn't long ago that this buckling turned into a structural problem. There was no high-strength material in the old days, so building materials required a large cross-section, and columns were thick and wide. In this case, the buckling strength is high, so the strength is determined only by the strength of the material, and buckling was not a problem.
However, in recent years, materials with high strength have appeared. It has become possible to make the cross-section of columns and the like smaller than before, and slender structures have come to appear. However, such structures have the property of prematurely collapsing due to the buckling phenomenon.
This is why buckling has become a problem in recent years. "Buckling" can be said to be a building structure problem that has emerged with material technology development.
Reducing the cross-section of pillars, etc., reduces the cost of construction and reduces the weight of the building. Understanding the buckling phenomenon is very important when designing a building with high-grade materials. This research aims to understand the buckling phenomenon properly and enable a slender, light and sufficiently safe building that has never been seen before.