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2021 Transition of Finishing Materials in 1930s Japanese Houses by Dry Construction System and Comments on the Slate Board PDF Shuto Ishida
2021 Relations of the framework and the finishing materials module of wooden dry construction in TSUCHUURA Kameki House PDF Yuya Kato 
2020 Design Method of the Entrance Area in Terms of the Appearance of Pitched Roofs inthe Contemporary Museums PDF Tatsumi Sone 
2020 The Architectural Concept of Extension/Renovation methods at Wooden Houses designed by Kameki Tsuchiura  PDF Satoko Nishimura 
2019 Characteristic of planning for publication and utilization of industrial heritage in Japan PDF Yuka Kobayashi 
2019 Transition of Finishing Materials in Extension and Renovation of TSUCHIURA House PDF Toru Naganuma 
2018 Management planning and architectural representation of the modern architect in architecture magazine PDF Kotaro Enoki
2018 Intention of Using Fiber Board “Tex” in Pre-war and Early Post-War Japanese Architectural Works PDF Kento Kiuchi
2018 A study on "Kouriki” in the recent cases of vacant house renovation in Ogijima Island PDF Gen Morimoto
2017 Study on efficiency of the pollution reduction of domestic effluent by water purification by plants and ecological change of the lifestyle for application to depopulated areas PDF Yuki Sakai
2017 Study on Broadacre City Proposed by F.L.Wright and its Development in Architectural Works PDF Youtarou Nishimura
2017 Study on existing breeding facility of bottlenose dolphins and improvement method in japan PDF Yutaro Yamaguchi
2016 Study on Relationship between Visitors'Space and Behavior at the Main Tank of Aquariums in China PDF Saki Taguchi
2016 Study on the relationship between the Sequence for Visitors and Exhibit Theme in Aquariums in China PDF Masato Shoda
2015 Constructional Characteristic of Wooden Frame in Japanese Contemporary Architecture PDF Marina Ouchi
2015 Curved-glass facades and manufacturing techniques PDF Kozo Tagashira
2015 Representation of locality in Japanese contemporary station facades PDF Naoki Horiya
2014 Existing facade preservation and the reuse of old materials for museum exteriors PDF Shota Iwata
2014 The form and placement of stairs and envelope formation in modern Japanese tower-like houses PDF Keizo Nishi
2013 Composition of ceilings and clerestory windows within the shade and shadow of Nordic sacred spaces PDF Takuya Ito
2013 Hierarchies observed through the approach to shops in Minami-Aoyama PDF Junji Kubo
2013 Repetition of Material on Elevation in Contemporary Architecture PDF Tomoki Shoda
2012 Methods of Daylighting in Living Room from Skylight in Contemporary Japanese Houses PDF Asato Iizuka
2012 Design Process of Plans for "House of Shoji and Masako Hayashi PDF Masafumi Kodama
2012 Shoji Hayashi's Design Method of House Planning focused on Wet Areas on "Private Houses Plan PDF Sei Hosaka
2012 Articulation of Entrance as Seen from Facade and Approach in Japanese City Hall   Yuri Homma
2011  Composition of functions around entry space in Contemporary Japanese museums  PDF  Yuko Ono 
2011  The relationship of light, darkness and worship spaces by comparing the forms of plans and the placement of windows PDF  Natsumi Takahashi 
2010 Composition of Street Facade and Corner Buildings in Jiyugaoka PDF Fuki Sato
2010 A Study on Figure of Windows in Jiyugaoka PDF JutarutChotiwatesilt
2010 Furnishing of Courtyards and Connection of Interior and Exterior Living Spaces in Contemporary Japanese Courtyard Houses PDF Aiko Negayama
Undergraduate Theses
Summaries of Technical Papers of Annual Meeting Architectural Institute of Japan
2009 The expression of houses on the cover of children books - Comparing houses and background components - PDF Asumi Kaneko
2009 A study on the layers of openings at the interior wall in photographs of Japanese houses PDF Hiroki Sugino
2009 Architechtural elements around a dining table in Japanese weekend houses PDF Haruna Suzuki
2008 A Study on the Relationship between Facade and Outside Environment from the Composition of the Louver
PDF Katsuhiko Azuma
2008 A Study of Facade Composition along Tokyo Setagaya Line
PDF Kakeru Inuiya
2008 The Connectivity of Ramps and the Visual Openness Created in Contemporary Architecture
PDF Hirofumi Okuyama
2007 Fragmentary Cityscape of Tokyo as Seen from Ginza Subway Line Exits
PDF Mutsumi Ohashi
2007 A Study on the Spatial Composition of Dolphin Show Pool at the Japanese Aquariums
PDF Toshiyuki Nagano
2007 A Study of Facade Composition of Fashion Boutiques in Minami-Aoyama
PDF Tamon Miyata
2006 A Study on the Children's Favorite Places at the Japanese Aquarium
PDF Yusuke Ishiwata
2006 A Study on the Distribution Map and Family-Type Visitors Behavior at the Japanese Aquarium
PDF Kumi Osawa
2006 A Study on Streetscape around the North Gate of Shimokitazawa Station Viewed from Section and Exposed Elements
  Eriko Suzuki
2005 A Study on the Visitor's Space of the Main Exhibition Tanks in the Japanese Aquariums
PDF Koji Kinoshita
2005 Composition of Scenery from the Window in Contemporary Japanese Museum
PDF Yuta Hirono
2005 A Study on the Room Development from Exhibition Theme of the Japanese Aquariums
PDF Koichi Maruyama
2004 The Image of the City through the Notion of the Scenes in the Movies
  Masami Tanaka
2004 A Study on the Resting Space in the Japanese Aquarium
  Risa Nakao
2004 A Study on the Sequence from Entrance to Exhibition Room in the Japanese Aquarium PDF Eriko Kinoshita
2003 Study on the Visitors' Walkway of the Japanese Aquariums
  Takayasu Suga
2003 A Study on the Composition of the Main Exhibition Tanks in the Japanese Aquariums
  Ayako Suzuki
2003 Spatial Composition of Circulation Path in Extended Museum   Mio Tachibana

2021 Mountain Huts Constructed by Volunteer-Build for Sustainable Mountain Environment Conservation PDF

Gen Morimoto

2021 The Aquarium Reusing Treatment Water facing the Takahama Canal at the Shibaura-Konan District PDF

Kotaro Enoki

2021 The Appearance of Canal-side Buildings in Shibaura-Konan District Viewed from Exterior Spaces and Elevations PDF

Hinako Kurumada

2021 Production Flow and Visitors' Observation Area at Environment/Locality-Oriented Food Factories PDF

Mami Hoshino

2021 The Original Color scheme of The Interior Finish in TSUCHIURA Kameki House PDF

Toru Naganuma

2021 Regional Migration and Revitalization Platform Utilizing a Roadside Station, "Nohsho no Sato Yakuno"  PDF

Arata Kinugawa

2021 Regional Collaborative Museum that Forms Revitalization Network of Sukagawa Central Districts  PDF Yasuyuki Shimada
2021 Unified Forestry-Industry-Education Open Stock Yard for Sustainable Utilization of Local Wood in Oguni, Kumamoto゛  PDF Yutaro Ymaguchi
2021 Engagement of Japanese Architecture Firms in Japan-China Joint Architectural Design since 1978  PDF WU Zexi
2021 The Cross-Culture Concept in the Topics of Architectural Design Classes in Japanese Universities  PDF Emma Xue XIAO
2020 Suburban Housing in Tokyo Engaging in Livestock Farming in Consideration with Animal Welfare PDF Masato Shoda 
2020 Palaceside Building Annex- Preservation of Modern-age Office Building Regenerated with "Parasite Type" Method- PDF Youtarou Nishimura 
2019 Sustainable Renovation of Tokyo Sea Life Park utilizing the Existing Buildings -Reconsideration of “ Basic Concept for the Renewal of Tokyo Sea Life Park “-  PDF Saki Taguchi 
2018 Technical Approach for Labor Saving in External Wall of Contemporary Prefabricated Houses in Japan PDF Marina Ouchi
2018 Study on the Implementation of Digital Fabrication in Architectural Education at Japanese Universities PDF Ryutaro Shimizu
2018 Evaluation of pedestrian wind environment based on field observation with pocket anemometer in Ogi Island PDF Kento Minami
2018 Reorganization of Jiyugaoka Station Area -Shift from Surface of Rail Tracks to Underground- PDF Shota Iwata
2018 Study on the Practical Implementation of Visual Programming Language in Japan PDF Kozo Tagashira
2018 Preservation of the traditional townscape in Yanaka, Tokyo New renovation system with architects in residence PDF Andres Rocha
2018 Merging the Gap -Ecologic Revitalization for Pubulic Space and Facilities of Baierhe River in Shiyan, China PDF Wang Xi
2018 A Study on the Waterfront Spaces   Charactarized by the Behaviors of People at Modern Chinese Universities PDF Shi Yi
2017 Reorganization of Jiyugaoka Station Area -Shift from Surface of Rail Tracks to Underground- PDF Naoki Horiya
2017 Study on the Relationship between Visitors' Space and Behavior at the Main Tank of Aquariums in China PDF Naoki Horiya
2017 Interconnectivity of Management, Context, and Interiority of Coworking Spaces in Tokyo PDF Nadhila Adelina
2016 Tokyo Tech Main Building U
‐New educational space for promoting an accelerated renovation of Ookayama Campus‐
PDF Takuya Ito
2016 Study on Standards and Construction Methods of Thermal Insulation in Residensial Buildings in Japan PDF Hiroo Ito
Analysis of Philadelphia Saving Fund Society Building from the Viewpoint of Design and Engineering PDF Junji Kubo
2016 Quality Control of Large Cross Section Timber Using Contemporary "Miyadaiku" Technique
 ‐ Case Study of "Azekura" Building of Steel Structure ‐
PDF Masafumi Kodama
2016 Revitalization Plan of Local Central Districts through Public- Private Partnership.
 ‐ A System for “Rojima” entering into the Local Market in Sukagawa, Fukushima ‐
PDF Keizo Nishi
2016 study on the practical imprementation of level of development(LOD) on BIM in Japan
PDF Hikari Hirano
2016 Case Study of Mariculture-Aquarium Focusing on Displaying Ecosystem of Whales and Dolphins in Taiji
PDF Sei Hosaka
2016 Design Prototype for Rebuilding Riverside Community in Bangkok, Thailand
2015 Collaboration of Building Design Team in Design Process of Green Buildings in Japan   Rina Takagi
2015 The Characteristics of the NCR Building’s (now called the Nippon Foundation Building) envelope system to examples of double-skin facades   Shun Hayasaka
2015 Elderly Experimental Residence from Suburban Decay to Interaction within the Community and the Environment PDF Houston Burnette
2014 LCCO2 and Daylight Controled by Louvers at the Window of Living Room Model PDF Asato Iizuka
2014 A study on use of computer simulation program for green buildings from the view point of green technology and project property   Takahiro Kayano
2014 The utilization of seaward views and cross ventilation in contemporary Japanese villas PDF Miki Sato
2014 The Influence of Low Carbon Policy on Design Process of Green Buildings in Japan PDF Natsumi Takahashi
2014 Eco-agricultural Community Complex Reorganizing the Edge between Town and Countryside with the Concept of Chinese Garden   Lu Shaobo
2014 "Landscape of Activities"
Experimental workplace for new entrepreneurs
PDF Peter Hamori
2014 Transformable Architecture for Events in a Shrinking City   Scott Beer
2013 Characteristics of The Thermal Environment of Models of Continuous Spaces of Houses in Tokyo PDF Yuko Ono
2013 Transformation of Villages inside City and Urban Construction in Guangzhou, China PDF Hui Ping
2012 Characteristics of Thermal Environment and Main Room Models of Contemporary Houses in Sapporo PDF Kisa Fujiwara
2012 Divided Expression in Covered Spaces through Parts Layout from the point of 'RESOLUTION' and Layering PDF Takao Hosoya
2012 spatial integration in art museum by comparing layouts of rooms and finishes PDF Kakeru Inuiya
2012 Methods of Daylighting in Exhibition Room from Skylight in Contemporary Art Museum PDF Haruna Suzuki
2012 Openness of bathrooms in contemporary Japanese houses PDF Ikumi Suzuki
2011 Sectional Composition and Light Environment in the Courtyard and Adjacent Rooms of Contemporary Japanese Courtyard Houses   Asumi Kaneko
2011 Characterisics of Interior and Exterior Space Connections in Contemporary Plaza Facing Architecture   Yuta Hirono
2011 Strategies for using skylights to illuminate open-stack spaces in libraries   Kotaro Yoshimoto
2011 Aquatic and Recreational Centre on the Island of Shinagawa Pier
in Tokyo Bay Integrating with Minato Incineration Plant
  Chuang Meng-hua
2011 Spatial cooperation among multiple generations
DevelopmentProposal for the transformation of an elementary school in Meguro Ward, Tokyo
  Katharina REINER
2010 Craft School through the Redesign of a Group of Small Factories
in Ota Ward, Tokyo
  Katsuhiko Azuma
2010 Design Process of the Vast Continuous Space in Kansa International Airport Passenger Terminal Building
Based on 'Geometry' and 'Environmental Control Technology'
  Hirofumi Okuyama
2010 Clustered Warehouses
towards the Reorganization of Agricultural Suburb
  Tadaaki Shimizu
2010 Relationship Between the Compositions of Facades and Courtyard Characteristics in University Campuses in Tokyo
  Mutsumi Ohashi
2010 Arrangement of Buildings in Housing Complexes on Sloping Sites   Yusuku Sugaya
2010 Composition of Wall Surfaces Enclosing Courtyards as Seen from Living Rooms in Contemporary Japanese Courtyard Houses PDF Yusuke Ishiwata
2010 The Relationship between Exterior Space Arrangement and Landscape in Museum Architecture with Regard to Direction of Openings   Mai Yoshitake
2010 Additions Planned and Realized: A Study of the Metabolists' Built Works   Nathan Elchert
Graduate Theses and Diploma Projects
2009 Redefining Urban and Natural Boundaries : Development of the Tamagawa Riverside in Tokyo   Tiffany Marie Liem
2009 ENGAGING COMMUNITIES : Integrated urban development of housing districts in Tokyo   Kokalevski Damjan
2009 Superimposed City - Re-organization of Wholesale District in Bakuro-cho
PDF Chisa Isobe
2009 "Gradational Open Space" Comercial and Residence Complex in Omotesando
  Tamon Miyata
2009 Pattern Generated Architechture : A response to homogeneous development projects in Tokyo PDF Israel Nottes
2009 Multipatched Sustainable Building
  Shohei Ishikawa
2009 Spatial Composition of Courtyards and Terraces in Contemporary Japanese Courtyard Houses
  Toshiyuki Nagano
2009 House Posture as Seen from Facade and Plan in Contemporary Japanese Courtyard Houses
PDF Eriko Suzuki
2008 Study on the Sequence of Spaces to Theaters from the View Point of People's Distribution and Behavior
PDF Kumi Osawa
2008 Richness of Blank Corner
  Chia Tien San
2007 Yokohama Maritime Museum   Koji Kinoshita
2007 CIRCULATORY CITY:Retrofit for Clustered Warehouses into Recycle Plant Education Center
  Koichi Maruyama
2007 Urban Renewal in ‘Passive Design’:Project of Restructuring Buildings Cluster in Shinagawa East Area
PDF Yasuhiro Yoshida
2006 New Nature Elevated Structure
PDF Takuya Oba
2006 Study on the Facades of Commercial Buildings in Shibuya
PDF Kazutaka Katahuchi
2006 Design Theories of Contemporary Japanese Architecture for Prayers
PDF Masami Tanaka
2006 Study on the Sequence from Exterior Approach to the Exhibition Room in the Art Museum
PDF Eriko Nishiura
2006 Design Method of the Museum Exhibition Rooms Designed by Yoshio Taniguchi
PDF Azusa Yamaguchi
2006 LIBRARIUM:New Library for Staying with Tokyo Tech Museum
PDF Tomoshige Yosida
2006 New Campus Design for Architectural School/Case Study for Tokyo Tech Midorigaoka Campus
PDF Takayasu Suga
2005 A Study on the Arrangement of Functional Divisions in Aquarium
PDF Ken Kajimura
2005 The Method of Renovation/Expansion and the Fluctuation of Annual Visitors of Aquarium
PDF Takashi Shintani
2005 Analogy on Engineering and Form System of Contemporary Architecture
PDF Mio Tachibana
2005 Weaving Campus Restructure/A Case Study for Tokyo Institute of Technology
PDF Wataru Nakano
2005 Characteristics of Public Exterior Spaces and Exposed Elements in the Redevelopment Area of the Bijlmermeer   Takuyou Hattori
2004 Spacial Composition of Open Space within Urban Blocks in the Historic Centre of Milan
PDF Tomoko Nishio
2002 Interface Architecture
  Akihiko Koike