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We recently focus on steel structure, response controlled structure and structural design. We would like to contribute to realize elegance and tough structures.

Current Researches are
・Earthquake Response Evaluation of Spatial structures
・Performances of steel structures with various energy-dissipation system
・Estimation of Energy Dissipation capacity and Damage Prediction of steel members

Classes Information…Now Distributing An Assignment(Updating:2016.11.08)
2017.11 Buckling-restrained Braces and Applications" has been published. new!
2017.11 Prof. Sigrid came to the laboratory. new!
2017.09 We went to AIJ!
2017.08 Professor Takeuchi did the Keynote Lecture
at the University of Illinois Young Researchers Forum!
2017.08 Master & doctor Thesis Presentation party was held.
2017.07 Master Thesis Presentation was held.
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